SR 22 – A Legal Requirement Accompanying a Car Insurance Coverage

An SR 22 is a legal requirement not everyone knows of, not unless they or somebody they know had to get one to have a suspended driver license reinstated. Generally referred to as insurance, an SR 22 is actually a certification accompanying one’s car insurance policy. Actually, the DMV of some US states like Florida and Virginia call it FR 44; but basically, it has the same concept and functions of the SR 22 in other states.

The certification serves as proof to the state DMV that the individual seeking driver license reinstatement has obtained the state’s minimum car liability insurance.

The most common cases of driver license suspension are motorists who have been apprehended for drunk driving or charged for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. The state has to make sure that a high risk driver has adequate insurance coverage before he or she is allowed to go on the road again.

Legal courts in jurisdictions like Georgia and Louisiana may also require an SR22 from persons seeking to be released from a court-ordered arrest due to non-payment of child support. That is so because SR22 is also termed as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility or an SR-22 Performance Bond. This is probably the reason why there’s a lot of confusion as to how and where to obtain an SR 22.

Who Issues an SR22 or Certificate of Financial Responsibility

First off, it should be clear that an SR22, FR44 or a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, is issued by an insurance company; specifically the same company providing the car insurance coverage for the person seeking driver license reinstatement.

This denotes that if an insurance company does not include the issuance of SR 22 or F44 as part of its services, the person involved must look for an insurance provider who issues an SR22 in addition to a car insurance policy. The new insurance provider will then file the SR22 with the DMV, on behalf of the requesting customer. In such cases, the insurance company will impose additional charges.

How Much Does an SR22 Cost?

An SR22 certification issued by an insurance company in connection with a car insurance policy will not cost much; probably about $25 more or less.

Now here’s the thing, after consumers conduct a research on where to find cheap sr22 insurance, they will learn that the cost they have to consider is the cost of the premiums paid for the car insurance connected to the SR22 certification.

The premium paid on the insurance policy depends on the seriousness of the DUI offense or driving violations for which the person had been charged. Factors include the number of car accidents or number of times the driver has been caught DUI, or driving without a car insurance. All these will indicate that the subject is a high risk driver.

While an insurance company might refuse to provide such drivers with insurance coverage, some will agree to do so in exchange for high costs of premiums.