Financial Security

What Is Financial Protection And Security

Financial protection/security describes the amount of money that you should have ready to cover your living expenses for a fixed period of time without having to pay capital. The guide value of 10x the fixed costs is circulating. Financial Security Vs. Financial Freedom However, it is clear that the period to be bridged and therefore the sum for financial protection is different for everyone, depending on their monthly expenses and also in which country they…

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Jargons and Basic Foundation to be Learnt in Cryptocurrency

There’s been a surge of public attention for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It literally brought diverse people to flock in just one sector. Everyone from financial institutions, technology enthusiasts etc. are all trying to comprehend the future of crypto would look like and to how they could profit from it. Many people are now trying to understand jargon and strategies that are under this field. Among which are the MT4 indicators. This is actually good…

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