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Are you currently in your mid or late 20s and feel that you are broke at the moment? Right now, you are most probably earning entry level salary while also trying to settle collect debt. You might be living with your roommates and eating bagels and pasta because it is the most economical that you can have. It’s even hard to fathom living in your own house or even driving a car thinking that it would not breakdown anytime soon.

Regardless of your apparent lack of cash, it is not enough grounds in underestimating your financial prowess.

Your 20s are basically the perfect time in setting up a solid future for your finance.

Let me give you couple of tips on how you can make this a reality.

Live as if You’re a Student even if You’re not

20s is the age when people from your circle expect more from you. This is the same age when it is socially acceptable to live broke like a student. So rather than seeing this as a disadvantage, use it in your favor and maintain this “broke” lifestyle even if you have landed a job and got promoted.

At your young age, you probably have plenty of time and energy. Use it on productive things. Back when you were still a student, you are probably exceptional at time management from working part time and doing school works. Do the same thing and try to juggle from your main work and do side jobs as well.