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You are showing great interests and enthusiasm in working out your budget thus, carefully managing your money. Yet, your partner isn’t buying the idea. So what to do next? Shall you give up? Of course not! Not without giving it a try.

Use a Positive Approach

When trying to strike a conversation with your partner about money, throw an opening spiel of what the two of you should do for the next 5 to 10 years on what goals to be accomplished.

Both of you must have a long and meaningful conversation regarding your ideas of what a wonderful life is. Do not discuss about the money yet at this stage. Just talk through each other’s vision.

After agreeing on your future financial goals, that is when you should start introducing the concept of money. Better phrase it as a realistic estimate. Performing simple divisions in regards to this matter can help you in understanding better how much cash you actually need to save every month to reach it.

Sometimes, You’ve got to Hustle

Speaking of savings, you must discuss how the two of you could find this money. Recommend to cut back on expenses, hustle on the side or do the combination of the two in an effort to hit your savings goal every month.