Financial Security

How Important is Saving

Our current financial state is related in ways we think about money. Having financial resources provides everyone the freedom to have a wide array of experiences such as travel and eating out. It gives us the freedom to choose the work we’d like to do and the people who we would like to associate with. But many people around the world belongs to the low income earner. Many work in a daily contract that only earns the minimum wage. Many of whom to not have the chance to save or do not have savings at all. The common reason you will hear from them is because they are not a big income earner and they only have enough money to sustain their daily lives.

If you have the knowledge on how to manage your money even if it small, you are able to save money for your future. Here is the list of very easy ways that will be an absolute help in changing not only yourself but your family’s future.

  1. Learn how to budget your monthly expenses.
  2. Practice delayed gratification.
  3. Stay out of debt.
  4. Live within your means.
  5. Start building your emergency fund.
  6. Learn financial literacy

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Financial Security

The Way To Be Financially Secured



If recent events have taught us anything, it is the significance of becoming financially secure. National and worldwide turmoil in almost any age can make upheaval from the markets and problems for companies, derailing people and households that aren’t financially ready.

Just just how can you achieve financial protection and prevent their financial stocks from getting thrown out of whack by uncontrollable conditions? Obviously, there are never any full warranties — life is filled with doubts, and financing is a part of the — however, there are steps everyone can take to reach financial security.

Financial Security Defined

What’s financial protection? The word means different things to various people: Just how much cash do you want to create and rescue to be sure the lifestyle you would like, today and later on? The amount of savings do you want to cover emergency costs or to pay all of your expenses in the event of a job loss or scenario that stops you from functioning?

All these “how much” questions must do with bucks, however, much like any matter of cash, there is also an emotional aspect. Just how much income and investments and emergency funds would you want to have the ability to sleep through the night — in other words, how to truly feel secure and safe in your financial circumstance? On occasion you’re able to compute these amounts by yourself, however, based upon your finances and period in your life it can be very useful to seek out the help of a wealth manager such as Netwealth to make certain you are in possession of a personalized budget and the ideal investments to determine you throughout your plans for your retirement.

The Way to Get There

On Your 20s and 30s

Things to do: Start economy.

At this time, it is time to consider long-term and start saving for retirement as hard as that may be if retirement appears far off. Yes, there are lots of opportunities right before you to invest money, spend, spend. Rather, create a plan for everything you really would like your life to look like, and preserve so. Limit your spending to ensure that you’re saving between 15-20percent of your wages. If you are smart about it, then you can do either: depositing in moderation at which it is important to you and rescue as harshly as you can for the important future.

Don’t do: attempting to fund a specific way of life.

Additionally, it can be easy to become trapped in borrowing from bank cards to fund things like traveling and other lifestyle purchases which will feel good at the moment, but in fact, will not get you any closer to financial protection. Incurring unnecessary debt may have a negative effect on your capacity to save and spend for decades ahead.


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On Your 40s and 50s

Things to do: Stay the Program.

If your goals vary from those that you put back on your early maturity (it is probable they’re — and that is okay), stick with your savings strategy. Even if there is extreme market volatility, then stick with your strategy. If you typically allow your fiscal decisions to be affected by your feelings, then create a connection with an abundance manager or financial adviser that can make certain you keep the ideal plan for long-term fiscal health.

Don’t do: Get tempted by glistening investments.

The way you approach hazards will automatically change as you become older. Utilize a financial adviser who will help you produce your perfect investment combination which can allow you to accomplish your financial objectives, then leave it alone (besides to periodically rebalance your portfolio to accomplish the right asset allocation, a job your adviser will have the ability to manage).

On Your 60s, 70s, and Beyond

Things to do: Budget for long-term and medical maintenance costs.

Medical costs are an unavoidable part of our financial arena, and people only grow as we age. Not planning for all these expenses may leave you in financial ruin. In contrast to popular belief, Medicare isn’t totally free, and it does not cover long-term maintenance (such as nursing homes and assisted living centers). Even the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 70 percent of individuals turning 65 now will require some form of long-term maintenance as they age.

Don’t do: Provide up functioning completely.

Lots of individuals 65 and older are still now delaying retirement partly because they would like to continue to operate, and partially because they wish to continue to get income. Even in the event that you decide to just function part-time, earning some type of salary might help protect your financing and delay your need to dive into your retirement account for everyday living expenses.


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Financial Security

Ensure Your Financial Security

It is of course sad when one of the parents in a family dies prematurely. It is even sadder for the surviving partner and any children when it turns out that the finances are not properly arranged. Can you continue to pay the mortgage? Can the next of kin continue to live as they were used to financially? In this article, we will briefly discuss this topic. Perhaps not the nicest topic to consider. But we think it is important to exchange ideas with you about this as well.

How can you arrange that your loved ones are left well cared for?
In many cases, there is no good financial arrangement if one of the parents of a family dies prematurely. This is partly because we have different and often complicated facilities in the Netherlands. How can you arrange that your loved ones are left well cared for? In many cases, there is no good financial arrangement if one of the parents of a family dies prematurely. This is partly because we have different and often complicated facilities in the Netherlands.

Basic provision: Surviving Dependents Act (Anw)
In the event of premature death of one of the parents, a right to a benefit under the Surviving Dependents Act arises under certain conditions. This benefit can be seen as a basic income and amounts to a maximum of 70% of the net minimum wage. If there is no further income, this is not a fat pot. The right to benefits can subsequently end for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the youngest child in the family turns 18. If there are no children or only children aged 18 or older, you are therefore not entitled to any benefit under the Anw!

Second provision: General Dependant’s Pension
Was the deceased parent in paid employment? Then there is a good chance that he participated in a pension scheme. A pension scheme often consists of a retirement pension and a survivor’s pension. There are two types of survivor’s pension:

  • a survivor’s pension on a risk basis and
  • a survivor’s pension on an accrual basis.

In conversations with our relations, we notice that not everyone is aware of this. The difference between these two forms of survivor’s pension has significant practical consequences.

With a risk-based survivor’s pension, the survivor’s right to benefit lapses if the employee no longer participates in the pension scheme. The benefit will therefore stop if you change jobs, for example. Should the parent die, the surviving relatives are therefore not entitled to a pension that has been accrued with the previous employer (s)!

With a survivor’s pension on an accrual basis, the surviving relatives do retain the right to the pension accrued with the previous employer.

Third provision: the life insurance policy that you have taken out yourself
A final source of income for the surviving relatives can be the payment on the basis of life insurance policies taken out by the parents themselves.

Make sure the picture is clear for your situation!
Do you know what the financial situation will be if one of the partners dies? Often there is no entitlement under the ANW. For example, because the children are already 18 years or older. Often there is also no entitlement to a survivor’s pension because, for example, the deceased parent was self-employed and not in paid employment. It is also possible that the parent was employed, but that the employer had a very meager pension scheme for surviving dependents. Or that there was a risk-based survivor’s pension and the deceased had changed employer! We believe it is important that everyone knows what the income and financial costs will be after the death of one of the partners. Can you continue to pay the mortgage? Can you continue to live in the same house? Can you pay for the children’s education, even if they are 18 or older? Can the next of kin continue to live as they were used to financially? If a financial gap arises such as ‘BitCoin’ due to the premature death of a partner, this risk can be covered at a very low cost by, for example, a life insurance policy. You can often arrange greater financial security for a few tens a month!

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How the AU Government is Helping People Regain Financial Well Being

The 2019 wildfires, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and the March 2021 flooding, caused financial shocks that affected the financial well being of many Australians. Nonetheless, the Australian government has extended financial assistance to help citizens overcome feelings of anxiety over their ability to cope with financial setbacks. The government continues to roll out programs that will enable citizens pursue and achieve their financial goals not only for the present but also for the future. .

According to ANZ’s July 2020 Financial Wellbeing indicator, the pandemic caused a 14% drop in the comfort level that many Australians feel with their current financial conditions. Whatever gains in financial well being achieved by the nation since 2014, have all taken a downward trend due to the pandemic. Still, Australians are well known for their resiliency, having had many encounters with financial hardships caused by past disasters, since their government is constantly taking steps to move the nation toward attaining financial resiliency.

The Tax Relief Provisions of the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan

Part of the Morrison government’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan includes tax cuts for both individuals and businesses. The goal is to give hardworking low and middle income earners more money in meeting their day-to-day living expenses. On the other hand, the tax relief for businesses, will not only help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) stay afloat and keep jobs open but also to encourage growth; as well as promote investments in new businesses that will create more jobs.

The Australian government’s continuing studies via the Longitudinal Research have established four critical elements in developing financial resiliency among citizens.

Access to affordable and safe financial services and products like savings, insurance and credit. In 2019, the Royal Commission that investigated the Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, submitted numerous recommendations for addressing the misconduct and malpractices of several banks and financial institutions.

Financial literacy or knowledge about financial products, the skills to apply such knowledge in actual practice and in managing personal finances. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC’s) MoneySmart website has for years, served as the reliable go-to resource of Australians seeking financial information about personal finance and money management.

Have economic resources from which to earn living wages, to build a safety net fund, for managing debts and for future retirement. Currently, the government has been providing financial assistance to qualified small and medium enterprises as a means for them to recover quickly and at the same time, give workers continuous employment.

Have social resources that can provide sound discussions and advice about money and money management, as well as social support that can give guides on where to go for help in case of financial difficulty. ASIC’s MoneySmart website and the Department of Social Services have played important roles in providing citizens the social support and guidance needed by people experiencing financial hardship.

How National Loans Australia Help Consumers Improve Their Financial Well Being

The recent March 2021 flooding have caused severe damages to properties and personal assets, including cars used in commuting to and from work.

The licensed finance brokers of National Loans Australia offer their services not only to ordinary citizens with excellent credit scores and with unquestionable capacity to pay. The company is committed to helping even those with credit issues, to receive fair chances in accessing a car loan, regardless of past financial mistakes. The financial experts of NLA help credit-challenged individuals create a specialised plan with which to negotiate a car loan approval but without compromising their present financial conditions.

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Financial Security

Gaining Financial Security

There is a saying that when you clinch to everything, that’s what you’ll ever have.

Our current financial state is related in ways we think about money. Having financial resources provides everyone the freedom to have a wide array of experiences such as travel and eating out. It gives us the freedom to choose the work I’d like to do and the people who we would like to associate with. What most people need right now is money.

Consider the following to gain financial security:

  1. Increase cash flow
  2. Manage Debt
  3. Have an emergency fund
  4. Proper protection
  5. Create long-term savings account
  6. Preserve your assets and preserve your estate.

When working to gaining financial security we must believe in ourselves. There is something inside everyone greater than any obstacle in life.

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Tips on How to Be Financially Free

The thing that people have most in common is debt. You cannot remove the fact that we all have a form of debt. This is a problem truly unique to our times because of different factors such as education, housing, health care costs, insurances and many more. These have left many people problems with their personal finances. The solution to financial problems is not easy. It takes a lot of work to find our way out of the tunnel to become financially free. But always remember that it is possible.

Here are some suggestions to be financially free:

  1. Don’t push yourself further into debt. Do not stretch the budget that you do not have. This will delay your financial freedom.
  2. Try to identify the negative effect that your socials have on you. Don’t be envious of the things others have that you don’t have. Surround yourself with people who can motivate and inspire you towards attaining financial freedom.
  3. Save more money than you spend. Cut down on your expenses. Find ways to cut back on expenses you cannot afford. There are sacrifices we have to make, especially when it comes to spending. We should base our spending based on what we earn.
  4. Have the right mindset on how to stick through all your debts.

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Why Investing In Canadian Stock Market Is Good

Stock Exchange


From the August print issue of Canadian Immigrant, I spoke some fundamentals of investing which simply take the investor beyond the housing marketplace. I shall examine one other “market” — that the stock exchange.


As with any market, the economic markets are a place where sellers and buyers meet to input transactions. These bourse (French for stock exchange), situated across the globe in major financial centers such as New York, London, Tokyo, and Toronto, are at which people may purchase stocks in firms that are recorded on the market.

Share purchases are complete through firms that can be called stock agents. These firms may charge a commission to obtain the stocks for your benefit. There are full-scale agents (who provide tips and research to the stock) and reduction agents (where fees have been low and you also create your personal stock selections).


Still, another means to take part within this equity investment is to buy investment capital. These funds pool that the investments of traders and buy a “basket of stocks” in the benefit. The finance business is paid a management fee for managing the finance, and also the owner of this capital will be paid a commission by the finance company.

The best thing about this way of purchasing stocks is you get investment at a wide base of stocks, leading to more money –and less risk. The drawback of purchasing capital would be that you will find penalties that could reduce overall yields.

Still, another means to accomplish diversification and reduce prices is to buy ETFs (exchange-traded funds), which can be investments that track the indicator or stock marketplace. This sort of investing is called passive investing since there’s not any endeavor to select which stock will outperform.


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There’s always a risk associated with purchasing stocks. When there’s just really a corporate collapse, being an equity investor, then you’re the last in line to recoup your investment; the very first ever to ever be reimbursed would be the holders of the debt.

Therefore choosing the ideal organizations to get can be very critical. Select organizations which have good income flows and powerful services and products, and therefore so are typically larger (these sorts of investments are normally called blue-chip). Be cautious of the so-called very cheap stocks which Vancouver was famous for before.

If you’re employing investment capital, be careful of industry funds (which pay attention to a single sector of this market); rather make work with finance with a wider mandate whilst the yields are far volatile.


If held within an open portfolio (maybe perhaps not an RRSP), subsequently using an equity investment includes tax advantages because capital gains and gains will be taxed at a reduced rate than interest. However, most investment portfolios ought to be a variety of stocks and fixed income based upon your own risk tolerance. The greater risk you are able to handle financially and emotionally, the more complex the proportion of stocks you are able to put in your portfolio.


Frequently equity investing is about “period” (staying spent long duration, together with several adjustments based on market terms), in the place of “time” (agreeing on costs and knowing when to invest in and outside of this market).

Over the very long run, equity holdings have traditionally outperformed interest-bearing investments. However, if you are buying the brief duration (your own time horizon is greater than just three years) you need to probably search for investments that are less risky.


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Financial Security

Building Your Wealth To Gain Financial Security

Many don’t realize the importance of savings. They may not have the thought of saving at the moment however saving can help save your future. Many have learned the hard way. Especially for most of us, this pandemic caught as unguarded. Many have been financially hard-up during these uncertain times because they did not have any financial savings. They were not financially secured when this pandemic started. Changing your spending and saving habits can work miracles for a person. It can save your future.

Most people have realized that it is helpful to live a simple life instead of a luxurious one. Many have decided to remain simple in their lifestyle. When you are financially secured you may experience having more passive income rather than having more expenses and debts. For some people, they find it difficult to change. But because they refuse to change, they become trapped in hardship and debt. Change your mindset and learn to save!

More millennials report struggling financially amid COVID-19 and little or no savings for retirement

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Got Delinquent Debts – Hire The Service Of A Professional Debt Recovery Agency

Starting and running your own business is one option to achieve financial security. But this entails being able to carry out various tasks efficiently for your business to flourish. Regardless the size of the business, owners need to take the lead on and get ahead of just about every aspect of the business, such as daily operations, marketing and sales, and human resources.

One of the most important aspect of running a business is the management of cash flow, and getting paid promptly is crucial for cash flow management, ensure a profitable business as well as keep the business afloat. Although remaining in control of unpaid invoices will definitely help a lot, there may be occasions when a client or customer cannot or will not pay what is due to you.

Why Consider A Debt Recovery Agency

In the event you have exhausted all efforts to recover unpaid invoices, it would be best to hire the expertise of a debt recovery agency than let them turn into bad debts. There are numerous advantages to hiring a debt recovery agency, such as Frontline Collections. Below are some:

  • ELIMINATE LEGAL RISKS. There is a multitude of state and federal laws that governs the industry of debt collection. Consumers who are aware of these laws won’t hold back to take legal actions if they know their rights were violated. If you are not well-versed with these laws, you may end up with possible legal problems. Hence, consider getting a debt recovery agency as this will eliminate the involved legal risks when trying to recover these debts.
  • PROVIDE DETAILED DOCUMENTATION. A professional debt recovery agency will make documentations of every communication they have carried out to reach out to debtors. If in the future you have come to decision to file a lawsuit against a debtor, the agency you have hired to collect the debts can provide you a detailed documentation that will greatly help prove to the court your extensive efforts of trying to retrieve the unpaid debt or invoice.
  • FLEXIBLE COLLECTION PROGRAMS. In terms of retrieving unpaid debts, the needs of business owners will differ and collection agencies are aware of this. A reliable and experienced debt recovery agency offer flexible programs on debt collection so as to match your business model and needs. Some debt collection agencies have a flat fee, others work on commissions, whereas some are ready to buy these bad debts from you if you simply want to sell the debt and write it off as a tax loss
  • EFFECTIVE DEBT RETRIEVAL. Your chances of being able to recover delinquent debts are increased with an experienced debt recovery agency like Frontline Collections. As they are trained and experienced, reliable debt collection agencies have the best legal and effective practices and strategies for debtors to pay what is due. Collection agencies actually present much bigger threat towards debtors compared to you whom they owe. This is because debt collectors frequently have the capability to report to credit bureaus unpaid debts which can affect the credit score of the debtor. Hence, debtors will often settle payments or make payment arrangements so as to evade credit damage.

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Financial Security

Build Wealth Faster

Here’s how to determine if you’ll be financially secured in the future. We all know that our net worth is our assets minus our liabilities. But do you know how that figure compares with your s=expected net worth, based on your age and income? Thomas H. Stanley and Dr. William Danko authors of the Millionaire Next Door, recommended a formula to determine whether you are accumulating wealth at the rate you should be. Multiply your annual income(pretax) by your age, then divide by 10 to get your expected net worth. For example if you are 43 years old man’s gross salary and investment (but not inheritance money) income is $180,000, his expected net worth would be $774,000 (43×180,000 /10 = $774,000) If your actual net worth is greater than your expected newt worth, you’re headed towards a comfortable retirement. I just hope this formula works for all.

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Financial Security

Home Business – It’s Close to the Heart

One significant step to be financially secured is to land on a stable and good-paying job. But this is not always the case. Investing in a business can also be a way to be financially secured. Consider investing in a home business. A home business is usually close to the heart. Having a home business means one must learn the core and technicalities of the business. We have to learn how to be able to have an edge with competitors and for research purposes and especially for conceptualizing new products and designs. Even if the business is located at your own home, we have to make this legal by acquiring all the legal papers needed in running a business. It is significant to run a legitimate business to avoid any hassle in the future.

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The Way To Save Money When Facing A Lawsuit



The notion of becoming involved with a suit can be stressful and stress — and that is before you even consider money. You will want to understand what to use, the way to act, and should talk.

When financing develops into litigation, it could be much more stressful. You may be worrying about paying the lawyer along with all of your other expenses. Your situation may have put you off the job, meaning that capital is reduced. Below are a few strategies to save cash in litigation.

Lawsuit Loans

If you have been in an accident that was not your fault, also have been put out of a job, you could have the ability to receive some cash to pay your own expenses. Certain companies, for example, authorized financing companies, maybe in a position to offer you the best lawsuit loans throughout the instance. This will often come right from your settlement should you win. The excellent thing about litigation loans is that frequently if you do not win, you do not have to cover the loan back again. This could help put your mind at ease through a stressful period and decrease financial stress.

Meal Prep

Through the scenario, you will want to get organized about your own spending. If your suit ends up extending across a very lengthy interval, it can be simple to dash money on food. A very long day at court can render you wrung out rather than needing to cook. But families may spend massive sums on food, particularly if they often purchase takeout. Look for time to organize your own meals beforehand and cook in the home. You can also end up spending a lot of money on lunches at the canteen or restaurants close to the courthouse, therefore attempt to prepare lunch beforehand and bring it along with you personally.


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Borrow Clothes

Locating clothing for a protracted trial can be hard. You have to appear smart and presentable throughout your situation, and this may add extra pressure. You may discover that you need to do laundry to make certain you’ve got something suitable to wear. You do not wish to invest a lot of money in courtroom clothing, therefore try asking family and friends for things to borrow. You will have the ability to collect lots of outfit choices and will feel much less worried about the piles of the laundry room. Do not neglect to select clothes that are simple to iron, so as creased clothes do not make a fantastic impression.

Cancel Memberships

Saving money can be tough, particularly once you have a lot of direct debit payments coming out in various times. Now could be the time to consider your memberships and think about their significance. Are you really going to the gym sufficient to justify paying for this? Otherwise, cancel your memberships throughout the instance. You could always get them back once you are in a far much better financial situation.


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Responsible Gambling On Situs Judi Casino Online Terpercaya

Online gambling has become widespread and continue to increase in popularity as a form of entertainment. Although gambling in general, which includes online and offline casinos and sports betting, can be an extremely enjoyable activity for some, this however may cause others financial problems for a lifetime. Because of this, many situs judi casino online terpercaya that are licensed and regulated by the proper authorities implement features in their system to implement and promote responsible gambling. Being a licensed, regulated and trusted online casino gambling site or situs judi casino online terpercaya is actually already a start.

Encouraging Responsible Gambling

When engaging in gambling, it is imperative that you know and understand what you are getting yourself into. While many bettors claim they only gamble for entertainment reasons, there are those who deny that fact that they are already addicted to it. Everyone who engage in gambling as well as those who are considering to give gambling a try need to be aware of and put into action Responsible Gambling to avoid addiction and financial troubles.

Responsible Gambling is a workable and supportable attitude, actions and measures you adopt when you engage in any form of gambling, whether online or offline. However, responsible gambling is especially crucial when one plays and place bets at an online gambling site because it is more accessible compared to land-based gambling venues like casinos. Furthermore, most online gambling websites offer players free credits in order to play the games they have as well as cashbacks bonuses rewarding them for playing on a regular basis. These rewards and bonuses appeal to a lot of players making them to want to continue gambling. Hence, responsible gambling must all the more be adopted not only by players but by operators as well.

To promote responsible gambling, regulators require situs judi casino online terpercaya to set up responsible gambling programs and features, a criterion for a gambling website to be licensed and regulated. Such features will help prevent its patrons from gambling beyond their limits, which includes monitoring and tracking their customers’ gambling activities so as to help pinpoint players who may require intervention based on their activities and behaviors on the site.

Minding Your Finances

To couple with responsible betting, bettors should also be financially literate as to have a good and working understanding of their finances. Not only will you ensure you don’t go broke, but also protect your assets. Below are a few tips:

  • Create and stick to a budget. While this is of great importance, a lot of people fail on this. Creating a budget ensures you set your priorities and stay within your budget.
  • Don’t spend like a fish. Avoid expending on invaluable assets, instead save and spend on income generating investments.
  • Open a savings/checking account if you don’t own one. This is so you don’t’ use all your funds for the wrong purposes.
  • Set short and long term goals to help you in planning your budget and setting your priorities.


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Financial Security

Financial Security Is A Complex Term

Some people trade in the foreign exchange (forex) markets with the hopes of earning huge returns. While it is possible to engage in the forex market and do things on your own, seeking the service of a forex broker will help you avoid unwanted surprises.

Since the forex market is the fastest growing market in the globe and one of the most crucial, an experienced, skilled and reliable forex broker is just what you need to make the right and most proper choices. Dubai forex brokers, for instance, are sought-after in the UAE because of the increasing interest of the public in forex trading. And with the right dubai forex trader, a client’s forex trading needs will surely be met.

One of the reasons why people engage in forex trading is to diversify their portfolio, and getting the service of a reliable forex broker, such as dubai forex brokers, would help ensure a solid portfolio. Another reason is for financial security, something that we should work and strive for to achieve short- and long-term financial goals.

Financial Security – What Is It?

Financial security would mean differently to different individuals. As mentioned, financial security for some would mean maintaining a solid diversified investment portfolio, owning numerous properties and/or earning an income of 6 or 7 figures. Others, on the other hand, see financial security as having sufficient funds to pay every bill they have, saving up for a retirement plan and still have extra for other things. Regardless of our interpretation and understanding of what financial security is, having financial security will help you realize all of your financial goals.

If we put it in simple terms, financial security would basically mean having sufficient and even extra money to finance your lifestyle while working towards achieving your goals. Although financial security very much involves numbers, such as how much you make or earn, spend and save, it takes into consideration how you feel in relation to your financial state or circumstance as well. For example, how you feel about your earning power, how confident you are at being able to pay for unforeseen expenses, and if your emergency finances is enough to keep you (and your family) afloat for a couple of months to perhaps a year in the event you become sick and are unable to work or if you are out of job.

Financial security is a complex term, however in general, it simply means having the ability to finance and live the kind of lifestyle you wish for. It would also mean having the capability to maintain and sustain this lifestyle even with unexpected hardships.  We could then say that financial security isn’t only about having enough and extra at present, but also making certain you have something for the future.

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Financial Security

What Does it Mean to be Financially Secured?

One of the top goals of people is to be financially secured. Remember that when achieving this we need to consider many factors. This goal can e achieved differently by people depending on their status in life, lifestyle, financial status, and the person’s goals. This pandemic has also affected each person’s goal of achieving financial security. This pandemic was unexpected and many were not prepared especially financially. For many, their emergency fund has been completely depleted because of unemployment and recessions. They’ve exhausted all their funds to cover bills and to meet the daily living expenses. This pandemic has affected the way people spend and save their finances.

Being financially secured means having a stable income that is able to cover daily expenses,  being able to meet financial emergencies and others. Regardless of age and income being financially secured also means having the ability to support one’s standard of living in the present and the future. When one is financially stable, he or she shouldn’t be stressed because of any monetary problem.


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Financial Security

Responsible Gambling : Ensuring Financial Security When Gambling

When gambling online for the first time, you will get to encounter the term “responsible gambling,” which you might easily dismiss as a marketing strategy.

Actually and especially now that we can only spare so much for recreational gambling, understanding what responsible gambling means can help you overcome tendencies to chase losses, or even think of gambling as a lucrative means for augmenting your income. Mainly because those are the behaviors often lead to gambling addiction.

What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is the sustainable behavior or attitude you adopt when you gamble in casinos, be they land-based or online. Such behavior is doubly important when engaged in online gambling because the casino table games and slots are easier to access. While you may have experienced gambling in brick and mortar casinos, the enjoyment you felt heightens when playing at online casinos. After all, it is common for most virtual gambling sites to offer free game credits and cashback bonuses as rewards for playing regularly.

Still, most licensed online casinos are required by regulators to institute responsible gambling features and programs as a means to prevent customers from gambling more than they can afford to lose. The features include the ability of an online casino to track the gambling activities of their customers, in ways that will help identify customers who will need intervention as far as their gambling behaviors are concerned.

The first stage of intervention is to limit the amount of credit that an online casino player can avail. While some players may reject such a proposal and simply transfer to another online casino, there is a possibility for such customer to be flagged in other gaming sites and be denied membership.

In serious cases, a customer will be under advice for exclusion from any betting product and at the same time be required to undergo counseling. Although such responsible gambling programs are not always successful, it can at least reduce the potential hazards among players willing to curb their proneness to gambling addiction.

Taking the Initiative to Practice Responsible Gambling

Actually, you can take the initiative of practising responsible gambling on your own, in the same way you do when managing your finances. First off, do not think of online casinos as viable sources of income; or make it your goal to break the online casino’s bank by hitting life-changing jackpots. Consider such goals as next to impossible because their games follow an algorithm that ensures profits from operating as an online gambling site.

Moreover, take note of some of the signs of gambling addiction, as noted by psychologists as the most common traits demonstrated by compulsive gamblers:

  • Chasing losses;
  • Preoccupation with gambling and the need to satisfy an irresistible urge even at unreasonable times or while bereft of funds.
  • Unable to concentrate on anything, whilst constantly thinking or searching for hacks on how to win against AI-supported casino games.
  • Lying to family members about money matters to either hide your newfound income or rapidly dwindling funds.
  • Borrowing money to cover up household budget deficits;
  • Becoming indebted to different people as a way to pay off existing debts.
  • Considering theft or fund malversation as a way to get out of financial difficulties; and at worst still gamble away stolen money.

In most Asian countries, gambling is illegal mainly because of the harms of gamblin addiction. However, governments should also consider that in this modern age of technologies combined with strict regulatory supervision, operators are required to incorporate and implement responsible gambling features and programs.

Otherwise, popular online casinos like 918kiss will not be able to operate sustainably and for a long term, if they will allow customers to fall victim to compulsive gambling.

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Financial Security

Financial security in old age – tips for successful retirement planning

The prognoses about increasing old-age poverty are unsettling especially the generation that will be going into well-deserved retirement in the next 15 years. The steadily rising cost of living must also be borne in retirement age.

As a general rule, the old-age provision refers to financial security in the phase of life that follows professional life. This is usually the retirement age. Today and in the future, the statutory old-age pension is only around half of the previous wage or salary. This is why forex broker reviews are becoming popular with people who want to invest in forex and use the earnings for retirement age.

Closing the financial gap

Financial security in old age includes closing this gap between income and expenditure as much as possible, or at best even completely compensating it. There are two ways of doing this, namely increasing the income above the statutory pension and reducing the previous expenditure as close as possible to the statutory pension amount. Future pensioner is familiar with this situation. Figuratively speaking, he knows exactly to the day when his pension entitlement begins. So he has enough time and opportunities to prepare for it and to provide for financial security in old age.

Create home ownership

A large, inevitable block of expenditure is the cost of accommodation. What is meant is the cold rent without operating and energy costs. This cost block can be saved by owning an apartment as a house or as a condominium, which is paid off at retirement age, i.e. is debt-free. The pensioner lives for free in his four walls. He can fully or partially compensate for the shortfall in income from his pension by spending less on his accommodation. The extent to which this succeeds can be calculated in advance and also influenced directly over the years.

Security through supplementary pension

Additional income for the later retirement age can and should be created through one or more private supplementary pensions.

Endowment life insurance is still the appropriate and sought-after form of old-age provision. The insured can freely decide how to use the sum insured. The spectrum ranges from the lifelong annuity to payment in one sum, which is then invested in money or securities.

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Financial Security

Financial Security Amid a Pandemic

Plans have been cancelled, Jobs have been lost. School years moved, travels banned. This is 2020- a year severely affected by a global pandemic. Among other things, it is guaranteed that the most loss people around the world has experienced is that of their pockets. Money, savings, and investments, all placed under a critical state.

How does one simply recover? It really isn’t that complicated.
Personal Finance: Financial Security Thinking & Principles | Udemy
Many organizations and agencies have stepped forward to lend a helping hand and give out great advice regarding this topic. Control and Budget- live frugally, Set your priorities, and stick to it.

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Financial Security

Financial security: Its importance

Financial security describes a state that you can achieve through saving. You are in financial security when you have enough money to master the hurdles of everyday life. You are financially secured when you are able to respond solidly to small disasters, would cope with a job change, and be able to confidently move to another city or repair your car after you have had an accident if the insurance has not yet paid for it. Financial security should be your support in bad times because when you have nothing, bad things often happen.

Why financial security is important

There are people who are not financially secure and will get into trouble if a small disaster happens in their life. The constant lack of money, the constant fear of getting into need, and the eternal feeling of having no money can hit the psyche. Always hoping that nothing will happen, always dreaming of what you cannot afford, and always living to the limit is no fun.

Financial security: Step towards happiness

The internal pressure will be felt, it can be uncomfortable. That is why feeling financially secured is a step towards happiness in life, because you can focus on the good things in life when you know you are prepared. Your focus can be put on other projects. The disasters can come because you know you can make it. Your inner calm will be reflected in your mind. You’ll be more relaxed when things don’t go well. You will have no more debts. You can pay your bills on time without bankrupting you.

Some say that to be financially secured, you should have around six months’ salary on the high edge. That’s a good rule of thumb. On the other hand, you can of course also invest your money differently, be it in real estate, bonds, or personal loans. Other people use some of their savings in online gambling sites like Dominoqq with the hope to earn extra money. The world is full of possibilities. However, if the risk is too high for you then just feel free to leave it on your account.

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Financial Security

Financial Security is an Attainable Goal

Most of us would like to be financially stable at some point in our life.

It’s the best gift we can give ourselves and to our family. To achieve this one should practice effective financial habits. As easy as said it requires discipline. This goal is attainable. We have to cut accumulated debts, increase financial security, and savings. These habits may help you to be financially secured in the future:

The Key to Being Financially Secure


  • Save. With every salary, we receive, set aside a little amount intended for savings. Make it an automatic habit.
  • Learn to control impulse buying and spending.
  • Invest your money in Secured Financial Partners such as a Stable Insurance company. This is for you and your family’s protection as well.
  • Avoid and keep away from debts. Be more responsible in using your credit cards.
  • Avoid late payments on bills. Pay before the due date to avoid any penalties.

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Financial Security

Investing In The Stock Market For Financial Security

When you decide to venture into the stock market, it is imperative to consult a broker to make certain you have a well-informed investment plan to successfully achieve financial security. For instance, Degiro is a European online brokerage company that is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Created in 2008 and opened to retail clients in 2013, the aim of Degiro is to create an affordable internet-based brokerage platform as well as to make trading stocks convenient, easier and very simple for users. Moreover, the online brokerage company also grant access to its users an extensive gamut of financial markets at a global scale.

Investing In The Stock Market For Financial Security

When you make an investment, there will always be some risks attached to it. This is especially true when and if the condition of the market is sour wherein exchange-trade funds, bonds and stocks could lose value. Also insured, conservative investments could experience inflation risk and might not over time earn sufficiently to keep up or stay even with the rising living costs.

Although there isn’t any type of investment that is free of risk, making an investment in the stock market could be profitable as it could yield a net average return of about 7% annually after inflation. This then makes the stock market a very enticing long-term investment. And with the right broker to assist you, you could be gain success and financial security.

Whether you are a newbie at making investments or simply interested on how to maximize your money, there are factors to reflect on or weigh up to have a good understanding of the fundamentals of investing in stocks before actually engaging in it. Let’s check out a few:

Making an Investment on Stocks is One of the Many Ways to Invest your Money.

Although there are other investment options, investing in stocks is a one of the most popular. You could maximize a diversity of investment strategies depending on your necessities, your income as well as when you have to access funds. Included in these investment approaches is placing funds in a savings accounts, investing in foreign currency, bonds or buying foreign currency.

There are Significant Risks When Investing in Stocks Particularly in the Short-term

Although stocks are frequently regarded as an investment strategy that is safe int eh long run, nothing is certain or guaranteed. Know that the stock market is unpredictable and volatile, particularly in the short term. Moreover, the market could fluctuate roughly in between extremes. Hence, if you are considering a short-term investment, there are other investment strategies that are typically much more steadfast, reliable and low-risk investment strategies available. Also know that even if the stock market is a good long-term investment strategy, there is no guarantee so it is imperative to be careful and be well-informed.

Most Investors Invest in the Stock Market through a Brokerage Firm or Broker

How is this done? Investors open an account through a brokerage company and make a deposit. When you have deposited funds to your account, you could begin to direct your broker to buy a specific amount of stock. The brokerage firm/broker typically charges a minimal fee for the services they offer. However, know that not all brokers or brokerage firms are the same.

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How Accounting Frauds are Committed?

In these trying times, there are still many people who are taking the chance to søk om smålån på minuttet. The sad thing though is, those who are already running a business is trying to manipulate their income and taxes using accounting fraud. This is when a company is falsifying its financial statements by means similar to:

  • Misstating liabilities and assets
  • Not recording expenses and;
  • Overstating revenue

What’s an Accounting Fraud?

In order for an action to be considered as an accounting fraud, a company should deliberately falsify their financial records. Consider a company that has made estimates that should be revised later. There is no accounting fraud that can be considered since the mistakes weren’t deliberately made.

Now, assuming that a CEO of a publicly-traded firm consciously makes false statements regarding the prospects of their firm, then the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission might charge that CEO with fraud. The thing is, this would not be considered as accounting fraud for there’s no financial records that were falsified.

Overstating Revenue

Any company can actually commit an accounting fraud if in the event that it has overstated its revenue. Say for example that a certain company is operating at a loss and isn’t generating enough income. Now, to be able to cover up the situation, the firm may claim to produce more income onto their financial statements than what they actually do. On the statement reported, the profits of the company will be inflated.

Now, if the company has overstated their revenue, it is going to drive up the share price of the firm and create a false image of its financial status.

Unrecorded Expenses

Yet another known kind of accounting fraud is when the company fails to record its expenses. The net income of the company is overstated and the costs are understated onto its income statement. Such accounting fraud is creating false impression of exactly how much the net income the company receives. In paper, the company may be generating handsome revenue but in reality, it might be losing cash.

Misstating Assets and Liabilities

This is another type of accounting fraud that takes place when a company has understated its liabilities or overstated its assets. To give you a brief example, a company may have overstated their existing assets and then, understating their current liabilities. In such fraud, it is misrepresenting the short-term liquidity of the company, which can be risky for investors in the long run.

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Finance Financial Security

The Art of Budgeting And Contentment

Knowing the art of budgeting will always be the key. Some people don’t necessarily aim to be billionaires and just want enough money on their lives to provide and enjoy, Being wise on how you control your money, where it should go and how you can make a systematic way of making your “just enough” finances go the long way. Budgeting comes with a lot of discipline, perseverance, and mindset. It is one thing to set budgets but to actually go by them on a strict way is another thing which needs a more invested you. in this way, finances which are alotted for your needs will be spent there and then and will not take up the money that is planned to be saved. Saving then becomes successful and consistent, making way for a shorter time to save and get on track with maybe the idea of investing in a house which can amplify your finances in a lot of ways where can help you with.

The second thing is a recurring demon to discipline. In a lot of cases, people who become successful in their saving plans and get bigger income to lose the art of contentment. Crossing the line of want and need becomes often and these things take a toll on their finances which leaves them wondering as to why they become more hard up in saving, ironically because now they have larger incomes. Sticking to your lifestyle and your needs is a big thing to practice especially that the market has too much to offer. If you keep on saying yes to these things, sooner or later you will find yourself with little savings and a more complex lifestyle which can lead to you losing yourself in remembering your priorities.

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The Road to Financial Security isn’t Easy but, It’s a Work in Progress

Financial security is described as the peace of mind you feel. This is when you are not worried about money whether it’ll be enough to cover your household’s expenses or not. Additionally, this means that you have sufficient savings to cover for future financial goals and emergencies. If you’re financially secure, this helps in lowering your stress levels and gives you more time to focus on more important issues.

Why is Budgeting Important?

To be financially secure, you have to know what your liabilities and assets are and also, know how your income covers your expenses. If you fail to track these things, then you may not know if you are struggling financially or doing just fine. One thing’s for sure, having a budget is a critical part of success for those who want to have financial security.

With such as well, it can help you have an overview on where your money should go like your current needs similar to shelter, food and clothing as well as long-term goals similar to having enough savings and paying debts.

Have a Long-Term Goal

Keep this in mind, in everything you do, you must pay yourself first, especially when talking about budgeting. This does not indicate that you have to take something from your paycheck and then go out and eat. Rather, it means that you have to be certain that you are setting money aside for yourself that is designated for long-term goals. This includes but not limited to the following:

  • Education fund for your children
  • Down payment for a retirement account
  • Home mortgage

Basically, any major financial deal should be considered. Say that you are having a hard time finding spare cash to pay debt, tap on discretionary expenses that you could cut.

Have an Emergency Fund

No matter how you call this, it is imperative to set aside months worth of your living expenses towards your financial security. This way, whenever something happened, you know that you have fund for it and that you are ready like unexpected job loss, someone in the family has to be admitted to the hospital and so forth.

Track Your Long-Term Goals

You simply can’t set and forget your budget. Rather, your budget will need fine tuning and maintenance every now and then to ensure that you are within your goals. Otherwise, if you would not muster discipline in doing so, you’ll never go anywhere. You may also focus on improving yourself like learning and understanding day trading by visiting

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Financial Security

Be Wise For Better Financial Standing

Money and how it takes a large portion of our lives is something to ponder on. How we use that money and make that money is something we put more time on. People tend to get a bit too excited when they have money that the money only lasts for long and thus takes too much of our lives, since saving becomes hard, and trying to save becomes harder. Being wise with your finances is a great step for you to balance out your life well, for one, when you are good with your finances, you have the option to not work hard your whole life or devote all of your time to it, making time for yourself, your loved ones, and time to pursue grander things than just earning and getting that paycheck.

The 3 Decisions That Will Change Your Financial Life

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Financial Security

Earn Money By Investing During Crisis? Causes And Possibilities

How can you prepare for an economic crisis? Before discussing how to prepare for the financial crisis, it is important to understand the factors that caused the economic crisis. Because you know what to look out for, you can not only determine whether and how to prepare for the financial crisis, but it can also provide some guidance on the considerations:

Whether or not to invest, when to invest, in which to invest during a crisis?

There are many possible factors that can cause an economic recession. Some recessions are caused by political unrest or wars and others by government policies. In a general sense, a financial crisis results from an imbalance in the economy that needs to be corrected. For example, the most recent financial crisis in 2008 was due to the so-called ‘housing bubble’ or the stagnating US housing market. The expectation that house prices would continue to rise was the basis for structural over-financing. The US Fed (Federal Reserve) deliberately kept interest rates low to encourage lending. The attractive conditions for consumer loans led to systematic over-financing.

Financial institutions created complex products, combining loans with advantageous terms with loans with less attractive loans. When people failed to pay off their loans, this created panic in the market. This caused a domino effect that eventually led to bank failures and a rescue plan of over $ 700 billion. The 2008 financial crisis is therefore often referred to as the banking crisis.

Where almost everyone has been able to feel the effects of the crisis and many have experienced some drawbacks, there are also traders who have made a fortune by investing during recessions. If you want to invest during a crisis, the first question you will ask yourself is: what to invest in during crisis conditions? The best way to invest during crises (and in which to invest in recessions) depends partly on the cause of the crisis in question.

How To Invest During Recession

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Are Corona Bonds Right For Private Investors?

In the fight against the virus pandemic, Italian politicians, in particular, have been promoting the so-called corona bonds in the past few days. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of such bonds and are they also suitable for private investors?

The coronavirus plunges Europe into complete health, political and economic chaos that led middle-class businessmen to sort to personal loans from private sectors like Loose Lending ( to make both ends meet. The crisis particularly hard hit the desolate economic areas of the southern member states. Accordingly, the southern European countries are now pushing for a joint solution or a large European rescue plan, which is to be financed with the help of community bonds or so-called corona bonds. The Netherlands, Austria, and Germany have so far vehemently resisted joint debt.

EU Should Issue Corona Bonds To Help Smaller Countries Cope

Dear German Friends

To clarify the seriousness of the situation, Italian politicians from various parties have even turned directly to the German public. In a full-page advertisement, which started with the words “Dear German Friends”, the politicians in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung campaigned for approval for so-called corona bonds and appealed to solidarity within the European Union.

Corona Bonds

The idea of ​​a common debt within the European Union is almost as old as the Union itself. Basically, corona bonds are nothing more than euro bonds, that is, common bonds that are issued by all European countries together. In contrast to the euro bonds, the funds from the corona bonds are not to be used to repay old public debts, but only to combat the economic consequences of the pandemic.

A Bad Deal For The Federal Republic

Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy would be the main beneficiaries of such joint bonds, since these countries hardly receive cheap loans due to their dilapidated economy and the already very high debt mountains. Because while the Federal Republic of Germany is currently even receiving money when placing a bond, the southern European countries can hardly bear their interest burden due to their poor credit rating.

However, this problem would be solved immediately with euro bonds or corona bonds. Because for the community bonds all member states of the EU would be liable and the southern Europeans would directly benefit from very low interest rates due to the excellent creditworthiness of Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. As a result, however, the more stable countries could quickly come into imbalance, since these would be directly dependent on the payment behavior of the Italians and Co.

Corona Bonds For Private Investors

If the European Union should actually issue corona bonds, they will most likely also be tradable by private investors. In all likelihood, these community bonds would even meet with very high domestic and foreign demand. Because these bonds would probably be every investor’s dream, as they would represent a lucrative mix of relatively high coupons and a good credit rating.

Solidarity Does Not Need Community Bonds

According to the Federal Government’s assessment, a common debt policy is not currently needed in Europe. This is not only rejected by the CDU / CSU politicians such as Markus Söder and Friedrich Merz, but above all by the SPD politician and Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz. Even the Portuguese economist and euro group leader Mario Centeno is currently advocating not only philosophizing about corona bonds, but also examining options. “We should examine how we can use existing instruments, but we should also be open to considering alternatives if the former prove to be inadequate,” according to the German Press Agency, Centeno told the EU finance ministers.

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Financial Security

Why Should You Diversify Investments? The Benefits of Diversification

If there is something you should definitely know when it comes to your investment, it is the importance of diversifying your investments – that is, spreading them across as many different types of investments as possible from physical assets, savings, and various stocks (check out Canadian stocks here).

A well-diversified portfolio reduces vulnerability to various investment risks and can improve expected returns. Another major advantage – diversifying and staying invested ensures a smoother journey to your destination. However, insufficient diversification of your investments can lead to undesirable side effects – from concentration to market risk. Diversification always plays a key role. 

The Importance of Diversification

The focus is on two decisive advantages of diversification:

  • First, a well-diversified portfolio reduces your vulnerability to various investment risks.
  • Second, it can improve your expected return.

Just as an overly one-sided diet can be harmful to health, insufficient diversification is detrimental.

We all know the old saying that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket … This is also a helpful symbol for investors. Firstly, you should have more than one basket and secondly not only put eggs in it – but also fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat or cheese.

Inadequate diversification of your systems leads to undesirable side effects:

  • the excessive dependency on individual companies, countries or investment strategies
  • changeable investment experience and
  • a higher susceptibility to self-doubt regarding your investment decisions

These can cause unnecessary costs, lower returns and increased nervousness. There are carefully designed funds today that provide efficient, cost-effective access to capital markets around the world. Investing in a wide range of such funds is the best way to reap the benefits that global diversification has to offer.

How to keep the risks of the market under control

Let’s take a closer look at risk management. This is one of the main reasons why you should diversify your investment.

The most obvious risk is that of too much concentration. Even in a very positive market phase, also called the “bull market”, the price of a single share can fall. And even if the economy as a whole is flourishing, a company can become insolvent and the repayment of a bond can be at risk. With a diversified portfolio, you can avoid the risk of over-concentration.

You can avoid the concentration or cluster risk by diversifying, but not the market risk. In principle, the fluctuations of the entire market cannot be avoided. You should always take this into account when working on your financial security and planning a system. You should expect it.

Diversification Scale

Diversification becomes a scale on which you can see the right level of market risk for your individual financial goals.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to take the market risk. However, investors who remain invested even with increasing market risk can expect higher returns if the risk subsides. In the short term, however, they have to endure market fluctuations that test the determination of any long-term plan. This is exactly why you should take as much market risk as possible – but not more than necessary.

Regardless of whether we speak of concentration or market risk, diversification always plays a key role.

But there is another important advantage to take into account: diversifying and staying invested ensures a smoother journey to your destination. Short-term market returns, like a bucking horse, are characterized more by times of wild, violent price fluctuations than by steady trot. Diversification can help tame the horse.

So if some of your assets are performing poorly, it is likely that others will outperform at the same time, or at least remain constant.

Imagine three jagged, emerging lines that represent different types of stocks. Each one is like a bumpy ride. Taken together, the positive trend remains broadly, but the peaks and valleys are far less pronounced.

One of the reasons for this is clear: if one share rises in price and another share declines at the same time, this roughly compensates. Diversification is, therefore, a coherent and cost-effective strategy to control the desired results – without having to guesswork.

A helpful representation is the periodic table of investment returns – a color-coded table that shows which types of investments have been winners or losers in recent years. The only recognizable pattern is that there is none.

The benefits of diversification are now clear. In our third video, we cover how you can put together a portfolio tailored to your needs.

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Financial Security

The Illusion Of Money

Most people will assume that they are familiar with the prices of goods and services and can therefore form an informed opinion about the value of their salary, savings and investments. However, an important economic theory holds that this is not the case. People tend to confuse the nominal value of money with its real value.

Therefore, it can be believed that the one euro in the wallet is worth more and is sufficient for more goods and services than is actually the case. This phenomenon is also known as the illusion of monetary value.

The Illusion of Money

Impact in the real world

Economists Eldar Shafir, Peter A. There is a tendency to believe that inflation will only prevail for a short time and that prices will return to the previous level, even if there is really no evidence to support this. The scientists also found that contracts and their terms were not as often linked to inflation as they should have been. For example, the price for a glass of Coca-Cola from around 200 ml was set at 5 cents and fluctuated only slightly and locally between 1886 and 1959. In theory, an inflation-related increase should be included in every payment plan.

With nearly all central banks in industrialized countries targeting inflation of up to 2% per year, it is surprising that salary levels or long-term projects do not automatically take this into account. This could mean that workers don’t ask for a raise to offset inflation, or at least don’t ask for more salary enough to keep up with inflation.

When dealing with money, you not only have to pay attention to the nominal value but also what you actually get for it. That means ensuring that its value is not diminished by inflation and that it is increasing both real and nominal.

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