How the AU Government is Helping People Regain Financial Well Being

The 2019 wildfires, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and the March 2021 flooding, caused financial shocks that affected the financial well being of many Australians. Nonetheless, the Australian government has extended financial assistance to help citizens overcome feelings of anxiety over their ability to cope with financial setbacks. The government continues to roll out programs that will enable citizens pursue and achieve their financial goals not only for the present but also for the future. .

According to ANZ’s July 2020 Financial Wellbeing indicator, the pandemic caused a 14% drop in the comfort level that many Australians feel with their current financial conditions. Whatever gains in financial well being achieved by the nation since 2014, have all taken a downward trend due to the pandemic. Still, Australians are well known for their resiliency, having had many encounters with financial hardships caused by past disasters, since their government is constantly taking steps to move the nation toward attaining financial resiliency.

The Tax Relief Provisions of the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan

Part of the Morrison government’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan includes tax cuts for both individuals and businesses. The goal is to give hardworking low and middle income earners more money in meeting their day-to-day living expenses. On the other hand, the tax relief for businesses, will not only help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) stay afloat and keep jobs open but also to encourage growth; as well as promote investments in new businesses that will create more jobs.

The Australian government’s continuing studies via the Longitudinal Research have established four critical elements in developing financial resiliency among citizens.

Access to affordable and safe financial services and products like savings, insurance and credit. In 2019, the Royal Commission that investigated the Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, submitted numerous recommendations for addressing the misconduct and malpractices of several banks and financial institutions.

Financial literacy or knowledge about financial products, the skills to apply such knowledge in actual practice and in managing personal finances. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s (ASIC’s) MoneySmart website has for years, served as the reliable go-to resource of Australians seeking financial information about personal finance and money management.

Have economic resources from which to earn living wages, to build a safety net fund, for managing debts and for future retirement. Currently, the government has been providing financial assistance to qualified small and medium enterprises as a means for them to recover quickly and at the same time, give workers continuous employment.

Have social resources that can provide sound discussions and advice about money and money management, as well as social support that can give guides on where to go for help in case of financial difficulty. ASIC’s MoneySmart website and the Department of Social Services have played important roles in providing citizens the social support and guidance needed by people experiencing financial hardship.

How National Loans Australia Help Consumers Improve Their Financial Well Being

The recent March 2021 flooding have caused severe damages to properties and personal assets, including cars used in commuting to and from work.

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