Financial Security

Financial security in old age – tips for successful retirement planning

The prognoses about increasing old-age poverty are unsettling especially the generation that will be going into well-deserved retirement in the next 15 years. The steadily rising cost of living must also be borne in retirement age.

As a general rule, the old-age provision refers to financial security in the phase of life that follows professional life. This is usually the retirement age. Today and in the future, the statutory old-age pension is only around half of the previous wage or salary. This is why forex broker reviews are becoming popular with people who want to invest in forex and use the earnings for retirement age.

Closing the financial gap

Financial security in old age includes closing this gap between income and expenditure as much as possible, or at best even completely compensating it. There are two ways of doing this, namely increasing the income above the statutory pension and reducing the previous expenditure as close as possible to the statutory pension amount. Future pensioner is familiar with this situation. Figuratively speaking, he knows exactly to the day when his pension entitlement begins. So he has enough time and opportunities to prepare for it and to provide for financial security in old age.

Create home ownership

A large, inevitable block of expenditure is the cost of accommodation. What is meant is the cold rent without operating and energy costs. This cost block can be saved by owning an apartment as a house or as a condominium, which is paid off at retirement age, i.e. is debt-free. The pensioner lives for free in his four walls. He can fully or partially compensate for the shortfall in income from his pension by spending less on his accommodation. The extent to which this succeeds can be calculated in advance and also influenced directly over the years.

Security through supplementary pension

Additional income for the later retirement age can and should be created through one or more private supplementary pensions.

Endowment life insurance is still the appropriate and sought-after form of old-age provision. The insured can freely decide how to use the sum insured. The spectrum ranges from the lifelong annuity to payment in one sum, which is then invested in money or securities.