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By this time now, it must be automatic to you the importance of setting aside money for emergency purposes. Thing is, you are not just show how you can make it work.

Perhaps, you are already making ends meet even on a tight budget or you have already tried making savings as top priority but you failed horrendously.

But as they say, learn from your mistakes. If you fall, get back up. Use these tips to successfully build your emergency savings regardless of your income.

It should be Automatic

Setting up automatic transfer from checking to savings account at the start of every month or perhaps, after every paycheck is a very strategic move. This way, you hardly give yourself any chance of forgetting to put money aside or spend it on other things.

You can be successful in doing this as well if you will be able to discipline yourself and learn how to resist urges of spending extra cash that would come in. Say that you received tax refund or rebate check, it shall go directly to your savings account and leave it there.

Money Tree

Be sure that the money you are saving works for you by depositing it to high yield savings account, CD where it could grow or even on money market. This way, your money does not sleep. Instead, it is accumulating interests.