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The secret in building wealth lies on your good habits. Not everyone has this but everyone can develop it. If you make it a habit to invest, then it would put you in a stronger financial stature in the future.

Find it hard to believe? Read on to discover ways how you could start making investment even with little amount of money.

The Cookie Jar Approach

Saving portion of your income and investing it goes side by side.

To be able to invest, you will have to save first. This actually takes less time than what you think and you could do so in small steps. If you never tried saving before, try to start with 10 dollars a week. It may not seem that big but within a year, you’ll be surprised that you’ve saved over 500 dollars. Not bad for 10 dollar savings a week.

Learn about Low Initial Investment Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are basically investment securities that let people to invest in portfolio of bonds and stocks in a single transaction. This is actually ideal for new investors. What seems to be a problem with mutual fund firms is that, they demand minimum investment ranging from 500 to 5,000 dollars.