Working to end police
militarization programs.

"Urban Shield" is a national/global SWAT team convergence, training, and weapons expo. Facing Tear Gas and Bay Area community organizations are coming together to oppose this engine of militarism September 4-8.

I went to Taksim Square at around 10 pm because I was feeling remorse for not being there as I watched the news and followed the horrible events on tv. It was like a war field when we arrived. Police were everywhere. We had to walk for a while to get to the main square and our eyes started to burn long before we arrived. -Defne

I’ve been tear-gassed dozens of times by the Israeli police and military for peacefully protesting the uprooting of olive trees and confiscation of Palestinian Farm Land. -Huwaida

Sitra, Bahrain 6/7/2012: "Eye for Freedom" March repressed by tear gas and shotgun bullets -Anonymous (translated from Arabic)

On 19/04/12, I was protesting in Montréal, Québec. That day our corrupted prime Minister Jean Charest had organized...a sell out of all natural resources in northern Québec. I came with a group of students who are protesting against a proposed 75% tuition fee increase, also referred as the Red Squares Movement...One person received a flash bang in his face... -Olivier

In 1991, I was gassed in Occupied Palestine by the I.D.F., as I was on my way to school, 6 years old. In 2011, I was gassed in Oscar Grant Plaza by the O.P.D. as I was peacefully occupying at the Intifada Tent. Everyone on that bright and sunny day in Ramallah and that cold and sleepless night in Oakland says “No More Tears.” -Zachariah

Where: Occupy Oakland Why: Defending encampment, providing free food, shelter, services, community and political awakening Outcome: Growing determination to end current socio-economic system, END US IMPERIALISM, TOPPLE CAPITALISM -Lara

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Stop Urban Shield Oakland!

The 9th annual Urban Shield - the SWAT team training and weapons expo that brings together local, regional and global police-military units - will be held in Oakland this coming September 4-8. Oakland is gearing up to stop it!


Boston STOMP Report Back and Press Round Up

"We can't be afraid, we cannot let the police scare us into not doing anything to help our communities" -Kazi Toure, National Jericho Movement, Boston resident

Last weekend, police and SWAT teams from across Massachusetts arrived in Boston for Urban Shield, a training in military tactics held in the name of "public safety." On that Sunday, STOMP (Stop Oppressive Militarized Police), a coalition of Boston-area community organizations along with the Facing Tear Gas campaign organized a speak out against police militarization on Sunday in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, a poor people of color neighborhood hit hard by violence.


5/4: Bostonians Host Speak Out Against Militarized Police

Contact: Kimber Heinz, Facing Tear Gas campaign

Cell: (919) 666-7535

One year after the police lockdown of Watertown following the Marathon bombing, Bostonians who live and work in neighborhoods and communities facing SWAT raids and surveillance will testify at a “speak out” against police militarization on the weekend of the Urban Shield SWAT training in Boston. Speakers will be available on-site for interview, and by phone before Sunday.


STOMP (STop Oppressive Militarized Police) Coalition forms in Boston

A new coalition of groups against militarization forms in Boston and announces community event. From the facebook page: "STOMP, STop Oppressive Militarized Police, aims to bring together activists and communities struggling against the wars on drugs, immigrants, dissent, and terror to mobilize and build cross-movement dialogue about the militarization and federalization of our local police departments. What happened in Watertown last year wasn't an anomaly. Communities throughout our cities face these kinds of militarized police raids every day, when the cameras aren't interested." READ MORE