Working to end police
militarization programs.

The Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) is a $500+ million grant program from the Department of Homeland Security (the original DHS). UASI strengthens and unifies state repression of all our communities- let's end it! Support imagining a world where we get to decide how to take care of one another. Lift up community wellness, resilience, and safety. Together we can Demilitarize Health & Security!

I went to Taksim Square at around 10 pm because I was feeling remorse for not being there as I watched the news and followed the horrible events on tv. It was like a war field when we arrived. Police were everywhere. We had to walk for a while to get to the main square and our eyes started to burn long before we arrived. -Defne

Sitra, Bahrain 6/7/2012: "Eye for Freedom" March repressed by tear gas and shotgun bullets -Anonymous (translated from Arabic)

On 19/04/12, I was protesting in Montréal, Québec. That day our corrupted prime Minister Jean Charest had organized...a sell out of all natural resources in northern Québec. I came with a group of students who are protesting against a proposed 75% tuition fee increase, also referred as the Red Squares Movement...One person received a flash bang in his face... -Olivier

In 1991, I was gassed in Occupied Palestine by the I.D.F., as I was on my way to school, 6 years old. In 2011, I was gassed in Oscar Grant Plaza by the O.P.D. as I was peacefully occupying at the Intifada Tent. Everyone on that bright and sunny day in Ramallah and that cold and sleepless night in Oakland says “No More Tears.” -Zachariah

Where: Occupy Oakland Why: Defending encampment, providing free food, shelter, services, community and political awakening Outcome: Growing determination to end current socio-economic system, END US IMPERIALISM, TOPPLE CAPITALISM -Lara

Recent Posts

Press Release: No New Cops and Demilitarize the NYPD Rally

March 12th, 2015 (New York, NY) – Activists and community members continue to call on the City Council to abandon the push to add 1,000 extra cops to the NYPD headcount and demilitarize the department. The Council is having a preliminary NYPD budget hearing Thursday morning--where protesters will rally outside and then join the hearing inside.


New Workshop Out!: "Buy 10 Guns, Get 2 Tanks Free"

Want to stop police militarization in your community? We can’t build a movement without building consciousness. Our new participatory workshop Buy 10 Guns, Get 2 Tanks Free: A Workshop on Resisting Police Militarization  is one such building tool. The workshop, co-created with the Ya-Ya Network, highlights the successful cross-community organizing initiated by Oakland, CA’s Stop Urban Shield Coalition.



NYers Say: Dismantle Bratton's Army!

Our communities are safer and stronger when we have access to stable and supportive housing, quality healthcare and food, empowering education and employment, and freedom. So why is NYPD Commissioner William Bratton wasting resources on militarization that deepens inequality and divides our communities at the expense of meeting our most basic needs? The time has come to end the NYPD's build-up for war, and develop community solutions for safety and our common well-being.



Militarism is guns, armored tanks and drones, but it’s also a state of mind. Militarized mentalities have permeated U.S police departments and amplified dramatically the force of police violence against our communities. It has also begun to infuse emergency preparedness. Now Fire-fighters and EMT are training right along with heavily armed SWAT teams, all funded by the Department of Homeland Security (the original DHS).  Join us in challenging these harmful forces, striking at the $500 million (plus) grant program—UASI—that strengthens and unifies state repression. Support imagining a world where we get to decide how to take care of one another. Lift up community wellness, resilience, and safety. Together we can Demilitarize Health & Security!